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Multiple layers of suspect flooring material such as vinyl floor tile, sheet flooring and linoleum can contain asbestos, and may be concealed under carpeting.

It is very important to ensure that the person who conducts the assessment and sampling is experienced and trained. Moreover, samples need to be testing by a qualified asbestos laboratory for analysis. Our affiliate company, Epoch Analytical Inc is a fully accredited asbestos testing laboratory. NVLAP code 200746-0 and CALA 3533.

Not all suspected materials will contain asbestos. This is contingent on the type of building, its age (pre 1990) and construction, and the number of all samples collected. Epoch Environmental Consulting technicians abide by the minimum sample requirements set forth by WorkSafeBC.

While sample inspections are more expensive initially due to the cost of asbestos testing, the benefits far outweigh the cost in the long term. Those materials that do not contain asbestos can be disposed easily and not treated as a health risk hence saving money in maintenance, repair and demolition costs that can incur significant expense. Frequently, Epoch Environmental consultants have been retained by WorkSafeBC to manage worksite “shutdowns” in which improper removal practises have been observed. When a site is shut down, there are serious costs to the contractor and the building owner due to the inability to move forward with the project until all deficiencies are resolved and WorkSafeBC regulations are adhered to.

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WorkSafeBC requires that a qualified professional conducts a hazardous materials survey before any demolition or renovation work begins. Municipal Permits may not be granted, unless a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Assessment and Post Abatement Inspection Report are satisfactorily submitted for approval.

Epoch Environmental Consulting is registered with WorkSafeBC and is frequently on site to address WorkSafeBC shutdowns.

Hazardous Materials

Before starting a renovation project,
have a Hazardous Materials Assessment conducted to identify building materials…


Breathing in asbestos fibres may cause serious health problems…


When moulds are growing inside the home, there may be health concerns…


Lead can harm the developing brain and nervous system of fetuses and children…

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